45 ACP DefenseCore™ Added to Suite of SIM-X® Product Offerings

October 11, 2021
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45 ACP DefenseCore™ Added to Suite of SIM-X® Product Offerings


SIM-X Tactical Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of their 45ACP DEFENSECORE™ rounds in August of 2021. The 45ACP is the third offering in the DEFENSECORE product line to be released by SIM-X, following the successful launch of the company’s 9MM & 40S&W rounds in 2020.

All three of their current product offerings are premium defense rounds designed for handgun or carbine platforms. DEFENSECORE products are unmatched in ballistic performance and currently are the only commercial products delivering over 500-foot pounds of energy in 9MM, 40S&W & 45ACP.


Utilizing its patented Smart-Bullet™ Technology, SIM-X outperforms the competition in numerous ballistic categories, including Sub-Mass weight, effective penetration control, hyper-velocity speeds, and performance recoil. All products are lead-free and are 100% manufactured in the United States.

“We do much more than manufacture and sell bullets. Our Sub-Mass technology and proprietary designs have allowed SIM-X to make a dramatic leap forward in bullet technology as we work to innovate an industry and market long reliant on legacy products.” said William D. Reilly, CEO at SIM-X.

As a venture and investor backed company, SIM-X embraces the strategy of technology firms across the country. “We operate and fund SIM-X as a technology company. To date, we have raised $3.3M of a $5M round with a current focus on customer acquisition, increasing revenue, and building our IP portfolio.” said Mark W. Davis, CFO at SIM-X.