SIM-X Genesis

September 13, 2021

Established in 2013, SIM-X Tactical Solutions’ mission is to deliver the highest level of effectiveness for every shooter through innovation and dedication to excellence.

Founder and CEO Bill Reilly began development of SIM-X’s underlying product technology in 2010 when he sought solutions that would allow him to spend more time pursuing his passion for shooting. He simply wanted to shoot more and he set out to build ammunition that would allow him to do just that. The basement of his home in Clearfield, Utah was quickly converted to a research and development laboratory and test facility. His hunt for a better choice resulted in him being able to shoot more and from there, a market opportunity clearly emerged. In 2013, Bill drew on his recruiting talents to seek out and gather like-minded partners, investors, advisors and a best of industry supplier team to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream of removing the restraints of lead from ammunition.