SIM-X Named Among Companies Expanding During Ammo Shortage

October 19, 2021
SIM-X Named Among Companies Expanding During Ammo Shortage

Repost from Shooting Illustrated

A trio of companies have recently entered or expanded their offerings in the commercial ammunition market. The news comes at a time when cartridges, shotshells and components unavailable during the shortage of 2020 are finally reappearing, although the trend remains jeopardized by the spread of COVID-19’s Delta variant and other factors.

The situation grew more complicated last week with the Biden administration announcement that it will not be renewing permits to import Russian ammo unless the country meets certain demands. Currently valid agreements to bring Tula, Barnhaul and other popular loads ashore were not canceled, although their unknown expiration dates and that carry a maximum length of two years sent the price of steel-cased fodder up overnight.

Enthusiasts in search of 9 mm NATO, however, can now choose brass-cased, Turkish-made,124-grain FMJ loads from SAR USA by Sarsilmaz—one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium firearms and ammunition. “This is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality ammunition to new SAR firearm owners and a market desperate for it,” said Todd Pearson, COO for SAR USA. “SAR ammunition is designed, engineered and manufactured to perform to the highest standards.”

SIM-X Tactical Solutions

SIM-X Tactical Solutions has launched .45 ACP DefenseCore cartridges. The .45 ACP loads are the third offering in the company’s DefenseCore product line. The firm introduced the 9 mm NATO and .40 S&W versions in 2020. All are designed for defensive use.

“We do much more than manufacture and sell bullets,” said William D. Reilly, CEO at SIM-X. “Our Sub-Mass technology and proprietary designs have allowed SIMX to make a dramatic leap forward in bullet technology as we work to innovate an industry and market long reliant on legacy products.”

And Texas-based True Velocity recently began offering its .308 Win. composite-cased ammunition online. This month, though, the company entered into a partnership with Virtus Ammo that will soon bring the innovative cartridges dealers nationwide.

“Without a doubt, True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition gives us the closest example of what the future of shooting looks like,” said Darren Crockett, Chief Operating Officer at Virtus Ammo. “Being named as the first distributor of this history-making product is an exciting opportunity for our team.”