SIMX to help end ammo shortage

October 26, 2021
SIMX to help end ammo shortage

How the Great Ammo Shortage of 2021 Could End


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Even as the Biden Administration has seemingly stepped up efforts to shrink the supply of ammunition by imposing a ban on the importation of Russian-made ammunition, it seems where there is a demand someone will step up to meet it. That’s how and why capitalism works.

SIM-X Marks the Spot for .45 ACP

The NRA  gave a shout-out to SIM-X Tactical Solutions, which first entered the market in 2013 to develop lead-free ammunition. The company had previously introduced its DEFENSECORE Ammo Line, which included 9mm and .40 S&W that featured the company’s patent pending synthetic-polymer core and propriety jacket.

As Personal Defense World reported last month, “Manufactured in the United States, the SIM-X DEFENSECORE ammo is 100% lead-free and utilizes patented smart-bullet technology. The SubMass core provides an 80% – 90% reduction in weight, compared to standard lead core ammunition. However, it still has equal or greater impact and tensile strength.”

In addition to the aforementioned 9mm and .40 S&W, the company recently introduced the .45 ACP loads.

“We do much more than manufacture and sell bullets,” William D. Reilly, CEO at SIM-X. “Our Sub-Mass technology and proprietary designs have allowed SIMX to make a dramatic leap forward in bullet technology as we work to innovate an industry and market long reliant on legacy products.”