SIM-X ammunition is not like other ammunition. To understand it requires rethinking what constitutes performance in a round. Get ready to change your understanding of bullets, mass, velocity, and terminal performance.


DefenseCore™ from SIM-X is the first of its kind ammunition for every-day carry, combining hyper-velocity, performance recoil, and optimized on-target, in-target terminal performance when needed most. The patent pending synthetic-polymer core is perfectly married to the proprietary jacket, achieving outstanding performance in all handguns in the areas that matter most. The 9mm offers an astounding 500+ foot pounds of energy at the muzzle… something previously unheard of in most small pistol rounds. DefenseCore™ helps put devastating rounds on target, in critical situations when it matters the most.

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Our RangeCore™ ammunition creates its own category of projectile technology with its patent-pending synthetic core inside a precision alloy jacket. Our synthetic core is a heavy-duty viscoplastic material that cycles firearms smoothly and effectively. It does so without any modification to the firearm or added wear, tear and recoil of a +P cartridge. RangeCore™ is the first in a line of SubMass™ projectiles that boasts twice the velocity but only half the recoil of any other training round on the market. This high velocity, low recoil round translates into greater accuracy with more rounds on target in a shorter amount of time. RangeCore™ ammunition is offered in both Hollow Point (HP) and Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) configurations in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP.


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Our DutyCore™ ammunition is designed from the ground up to stop the threat. It encompasses a patent-pending kinetic-ceramic core within a precision alloy jacket. DutyCore™ uses our SubMass™ projectile technology to provide the most effective combination of kinetic energy and penetration available in a pistol caliber. DutyCore™ ammunition yields rifle velocities in pistol calibers, and at standard pressures. Unlike standard pistol rounds, the extreme velocity of SIM-X DutyCore™ ammunition creates permanent wound cavities. DutyCore™ also uses patent-pending penetration control technology to ensure your shot will stay in your target, expending all its energy where it matters most ensuring elimination of the threat. With SubMass™ technology, DutyCore™ offers a similar feel to our RangeCore™ ammunition. This makes tactical training with RangeCore™ cost effective and transitioning to DutyCore™ easy, which ultimately means more rounds on target. DutyCore™ is available in Hollow Point (HP) and Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) configurations in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP.


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Our BattleCore™ ammunition is custom built for our military personnel. BattleCore™ encompasses a special purpose patent-pending kinetic-ceramic core inside a full metal copper jacket. BattleCore™ utilizes the same SubMass™ projectile technology that translates into effective barrier penetration, higher velocities, flatter trajectories, and lower recoil tailored for fully automatic weapons. SIM-X Ammunition pushes through the technological envelope to ensure the best available ammunition for our warfighters.