CMC Government Supply Appointed Exclusive Regional Government Distributor for SIM-X Ammunition to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies

January 22, 2024
CMC Government Supply Appointed Exclusive Regional Government Distributor for SIM-X Ammunition to Law Enforcement, Government Agencies

strong>Ogden, Utah, Jan. 22, 2024 – SIM-X Tactical Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of lead-free, SUBMASS™, hyper-velocity ammunition, is pleased to announce its exclusive partnership with CMC Government Supply. The agreement designates CMC Government Supply the sole law enforcement distributor for SIM-X ammunition in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico.

“We are excited to partner with SIM-X to offer their innovative ammunition to our law enforcement and government agency customers,” said David Goldstein, President of CMC Government Supply. “SIM-X ammunition is known for its reduced recoil, lighter weight, and 100% lead-free projectiles. These features are important to law enforcement departments who are looking for ammunition that is safe, effective and environmentally friendly.”

SIM-X manufactures two product lines of ammunition that can be utilized by law enforcement:

RANGECORE™ LE Law Enforcement Training Ammunition is designed for use in training and practice applications. It offers the same recoil and feel as SIM-X’s premium DEFENSECORE™ ammunition, but is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and significantly reduces lead mitigation costs for indoor ranges and training facilities. It is an ideal solution for indoor training where lead exposure is most dangerous to officers and training personnel.

DEFENSECORE™ LE Law Enforcement Ammunition is designed for use in agency-specific applications, including transit police, officer patrols in high pedestrian-traffic areas, air marshals and anyplace where the elimination of collateral damage is critical for an officer. SIM-X’s patented technology is the perfect option when mobility, accuracy and high-end ballistics are of paramount concern.

SIM-X LE ammunition is available for law enforcement purchase in cases of 1,000 rounds for popular calibers such as 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP.

This exclusive partnership between CMC Government Supply and SIM-X underscores both company’s commitment to providing law enforcement agencies in the region with innovative ammunition solutions that prioritize safety, performance and environmental responsibility.

“We are proud to partner with CMC Government Supply to distribute our ammunition to law enforcement and government agencies across the region,” said William Reilly, Founder and CEO of SIM-X. “CMC Government Supply has a proven track record of providing high-quality products and services to government customers, and we are confident that they will be a valuable partner in bringing our ammunition to this market.”

About SIM-X Tactical Solutions

Established in 2013, SIM-X Tactical Solutions is a technology company dedicated to disrupting and redefining traditional ammunition manufacturing processes and procedures. The company strives to produce the highest quality, effective and environmentally friendly ammunition through innovation and a dedication to excellence. To learn more, visit

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