SIM-X Offers Superior Lead-Free Alternative to Frangible Ammunition

January 18, 2024
SIM-X Offers Superior Lead-Free Alternative to Frangible Ammunition

Ogden, Utah, Jan. 18, 2024 – As numerous states continue to propose legislation banning lead ammunition at indoor ranges and training facilities, SIM-X Tactical Solutions (SIM-X), a leading ammunition technology company, is already providing the industry an exciting option. With its RANGECORE™ ammunition, being released at Shot Show 2024 later this month, the Company’s new product offers the industry the most advanced lead-free alternative to frangible ammunition.

Utilizing SIM-X’s patented projectile/bullet technology, RANGECORE ammunition has a synthetic core inside a precision alloy jacket. Unlike frangible ammunition, made of polymer and compressed copper powder that requires an arduous manufacturing process, RANGECORE ammunition is easy to manufacture at high volumes and scalable to meet the needs of the market.

“RANGECORE is its own category of projectile technology, offering the most viable option for those looking to shoot lead-free ammunition,” said William Reilly, Founder and CEO, SIM-X Tactical Solutions. “We believe it represents the most disruptive advancement in ammunition technology to date, and we’re proud SIM-X is the one to offer it to the industry.”

Specifically made for range use, RANGECORE’s synthetic core is a technologically advanced material that generates smooth and effective cycling of the firearm without the added wear and tear, or increased recoil, of +P cartridges. RANGECORE offers twice the velocity with half the recoil of other training rounds on the market, resulting in greater accuracy with more rounds on target in a shorter amount of time. RANGECORE ammunition is a full-metal jacket (FMJ) offering currently available in 9mm and .45 ACP.  SIM-X intends to release its RANGECORE rounds in .40 S&W later this year.

“This really is a game changer for the industry,” stated Reilly. “Everyone benefits – the user gets better overall performance, and the synthetic, non-toxic polymer core isn’t harmful to the environment.”

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